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Odd is out


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Secret Agent
Staff member
Is anyone else happy to see that the crazy auctions have finally become old news? It seems that people have finally moved on.

I think they were fun for a while, but honestly it's good to see people getting back to business and hobby listings instead of selling "nothing" in particular, with a 2 page sales pitch.



Registered Member
Yeah, I am sick of em. But on the other hand, because of those 'odd' ball type auctions I became a member here and a couple of similar sites and had some good and not so good experiences.

Its my online pals I enjoy :)


Wanna play?
Although I had loads of fun with mine, yes I am glad to get back into the "normal" auctions again....then again, my normal auctions aren't always along the lines of what people "expect".:-o


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
I would say i'm glad to see them die down...But I don't want them to die compleatly..They were way too much fun and gave us all something to look at, talk abought and even bid on...
Just wait the next new big thing is just around the corner..:nod: :lol:

The old saying applies to the crazy auctions..
" It's been fun. It's been swell, but the swelling has gone down now so time to move on.":nod: :D :lol:


Registered Member
I am glad that they have finally died down. I could really believe how long the craze really lasted.


Registered Member
Im not so sure its completely 'out'. People are still coming up with some amazingly creative auctions.

Maybe GP ran out of money for a little while? LOL :p

I am personally working on something myself in the hopes of some big baller bidding on it! But, I want it to be 'juuuust' right ;) Which means, it may never get posted LOL

I have had two high-profile-hopefuls flop completely, technically three if you count the Vegas trip that I was part of. I am completely hopeful that there will be more though! Someone just has to find Elton John in their soup or somethin LOL