Odd coding showing up


Certified Shitlord

I get this weird HTML coding appearing when I post. I also can't click any of the emotes or formatting buttons in the posting box. I've had this problem for about a week now. Also, my posts aren't formatted unless I use coding. For example, if I press enter to separate my paragraphs, it won't show up in my posts, I have to enter < b r > in order to get a break in spacing.
Anyone else having this issue?

To answer questions I know will be asked:

1. I'm using Firefox with the same extensions I've used for about 5 months now

2. I scan my computer daily for viruses

3. I have reinstalled Firefox

4. I have removed the extensions

5. I have restarted my computer
I had that happen to me one day last week. Every time I tried to reply to a thread I got the same thing. I ended up restarting my computer in order to fix it.