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Odai and Qusai Hussien Dead


Registered Member
Reported on MSNBC.com, Saddam's 2 sons were killed yesterday durring a 6 hour stand off with US forces who were tipped off that the 2 were in a Mansion in Mosul.

With vidoetape proof they went to raid the mansion and encountered heavy resistance, resulting in the 6 hour standoff.
A report on my local news said the bodies were identified by fingerprints and dental records, and by top Iraqi officials held by coalition forces. the msnbc report also says that Odai was also ID'd by the old bullet wounds he suffered when he was shot 17 times in a assasination atempt back in '96.

I think it will be a turning point in the attacks that has been happaning in Iraq over the past few weeks, and the 15 million bounty put up for information on where Saddam and his sons were hiding.

Now if they could only get Saddam.

Master Windu

Registered Member
Hells yeah.

I heard this yesterday morning. Sure as hell brightened my day up. To their credit, at least they had the balls to fight to the bitter end.