October 17, 2009

Discussion in 'Hockey' started by Babe_Ruth, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Babe_Ruth

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    Mark it on your calendars folks, October 17, 2009 is the night that Alex Kovalev returns to Montreal for the first time, and I know this isn't big new news for most of the hockey fans here at the forums, but it's huge for me and probably Puckhead. Kovalev even though inconsistent as been great for Les Habitants, and he's going to be missed. I'm still mad that he went to the team I hate the most in the NHL, but I still adore him as a player. The crowd is going to be so loud during that game, it's going to be epic. Oh yeah, forgot to mention it's going to be on Saturday which means Hockey Night in Canada.

  2. Puckhead58

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    Honestly....its not that big of a deal to me. I really do like Kovalev as a hockey player because he has tremendous skill and the complete ability to turn a game around all by himself.....but he is also a poor team player who only worries about himself and if he doesn't feel like playing hard or giving it his all....he doesn't. And as far as I'm concerned.....there is no room for players like that on any team, especially the Habs.

    Gainey let the old, dead-weight players walk in this off-season and he replaced them with younger players who are more durable and who play their hearts out for 82 games a season. Gionta and Cammalleri might not have the moves Kovalev has, but they show up to play every game and those are the types of players I want to see on the ice for the Habs this season. I've watched the Habs for the past 3 seasons and I was getting sick of the same players being injured all the time or not trying hard enough to help the team win games.

    I'm glad Gainey blew the team apart and built a new core. It needed to be done. Koivu wasn't getting the job done!! No matter what you say about him or how much you love him....the Habs weren't winning important games with him in the lineup. Kovalev doesn't play with enough heart to bother keeping him around. Boullion, Dandenault and Brisebois were brutal players and had no right playing on the Habs. We've had better defencemen in the minors than those 3 bums. I'd rather have a rookie making rookie mistakes than those 3 veterans making ROOKIE mistakes. Komisarek obviously wanted out of Montreal seeing that he signed in Toronto for a mere $500,000 more so good riddence to him as well. He was a good physical defencemen who blocked shots and played tough, but he was a fair defencemen and if it wasn't for Markov making him look good all the time, he would have never got noticed like he did. His true colors came out last season when he was rotten for most of the season. Players like Begin and Kostopoulos are easily replaced. Moen and Stewart will replace those 2 with ease and they will also add more toughness than Begin and Kosto did too.
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    I disagree when you say Kovalev wasn't a team player with this franchise. His best season with the Habs which was to season ago he took two players on his wing, that being Andrei Kostitsyn and Tomas Plekanec, he made them into better players. When those two players first started to play with Kovalev they were afraid to shoot the puck at the net, but Kovalev kept telling shoot more, shoot more and eventually they did and we all know the great numbers they put up that season.

    Also Kovalev was a great leader on the ice and off the ice, when Koivu was injured Alex made a good replacement Captain, everyone respected him and listened to what he had to say. Not only did he lead with his voice he led by example as well.

    He was definitely a fan favorite for the things he did for this franchise, and I think he should get a standing ovation when he comes back the 17th.
  4. Puckhead58

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    I don't know....if Kovalev was such a big help to Andrei and Pleks 2 years ago.....what happened last year?? The 3 of them started the season together and there was zero chemistry there because Kovalev insisted on playing for himself instead of his team and linemates.

    I'll admit that 2 years ago...Kovalev was great. He lead the team all season long, he scored the most points, he helped Pleks and Andrei a great deal that whole season and he played hard for all 82 games....but then you turn the page to last season and he wasn't near the player he was 2 years ago. He went on long scoring droughts, he held on to the puck too long and turned it over all the time, he didn't back-check and he floated around more often than not. Compared to the 2007-2008 season.....he looked selfish and un-interested in doing his part to help the team win. He tried to do it all by himself.

    Personally.....I'd much rather have a guy like Gionta or Cammalleri who will play hard every game and play as a teammate and not play for themselves.

    I will miss Kovalev...but I won't miss the way he took nights off and floated around on the ice, not helping his teammates out.

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