Nintendo 64 Ocarina Of Time in 3 hours.


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I've never been a fan of tool-assisted speed runs. It just seems like cheating to me. Something like the Majora's Mask 3 day challenge (finishing the game on the second cycle without going back through time) is more impressive in my opinion.


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YouTube - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time TAS by Bloobiebla (2:51:19.1)

This dude beats Ocarina of time in less than 3 hours. It almost looks like he knows every level through and through. He doesn't look where he is going at all.

He uses death to skip parts, i don't know how that works..

I just thought it was pretty amazing. Thoughts?
I agree with Echoes, tool assisted speed runs simply aren't as impressive as real speedruns, for instance there was this really impressive Super Mario 64 speedrun in 12 minutes I believe? But it was tool assisted, when you go tool assisted you can program for a button to be pressed much quicker than anybody could ever normally press a button making glitches that would otherwise be impossible possible.

I use death to skip parts, there's nothing wrong with that. I pretty much know every level through and through as well (I've beaten the game probably at least 10 times.)