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PC Games Obtaining Cd-keys For Games


New Member
OK, I haven't had a whinge for a while, so, it is time :lol:

I've been online having a look at other forums, where the forum admins have allowed the public display of CD keys and serials. I also just finished sending an email to THQ and UBISOFT informing them of this happening - and I hope all those guilty of it get slapped with massive fines.

For all you cheapskates who download games, then hunt for serial numbers like they are food, and you are hungry: Why the bloody hell do you think games are so darn expensive now days?
No, it's not because the developers and manufacturers are money hungry animals who froth at the mouth. It's because piracy has destroyed the industry enough to force developers into raising prices to cover costs for game production and future development.

I have worked my butt off to buy all sixty three games that I own. I have made sacrifices because I support the brilliant work that developers do and the effort they put into creating this fantastic level of interaction.

So don't whinge to your mates, trying to justify your actions because the prices are too high. It's your own fault - live with it.

Also, another good reason to purchase original games is because you are then legally allowed to use them online. Picture this : you get a Key-Gen for a game, jump online, and it works a treat for a while. Some other average joe buys a legit copy, which by coincidence has the same key. A confliction starts online. He has proof of purchase. You are in deep, deep poo. If you are a minor - you parents will be hit with the massive fine. If you are an adult - you better have some money saved up, or it's jail time!

So think twice before doing the wrong thing. People do get caught all the time, AND they cop the full force of their national law (which is quite generic for this sort of crime).




New Member
One more thing - I am deeply involved with the gaming community (meaning I visit a hell of alot of sites). Just so you get some sort of warning - If I ever, catch anyone on any forum doing any of the above - I will make a copy of the page - so it cannot be altered, then I will send a nice little email to the developers. Yes, I will tell on you. Stiff.

Happy Days!



Secret Agent
Staff member
I agree 100%. People ask for CD-Keys here all the time and we have a strict policy against giving them out of helping people find them.

I'm not a fan of piracy of any type including music so I'm probably a bit more biased than some other forum owners but as far as I'm concerned it's better to be safe than sorry. It's also better to be legal than not... I have heard of one to many cases where somebody is now in jail for 10+ years for software piracy.

That's called playing with fire. :)


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Tiny, we have to ask you that you take a day or so and check again before you report. We take pride in our ability to control the posting of anything that can be considered illegal, and don't want to be shut down because we weren't fast enough.

And yes, we always ban people involved in such activities. We here feel very strongly on the non-piracy side of things. ;)


New Member
Don't worry steve, this forum is brilliant and I definately have no intentions of reporting it to anybody - it hasn't done anything wrong.

It is understandable if there are hundreds of threads posted with little indiscrepancies - admins can't check all of them in a couple of minutes and many people like myself realise that.

A good example of what I meant was a forum called 'tvs' or 'tvg' or something. It basically had serial listings for many games where the threads were up to three years old. I think with this particular site, the owner has decided to call it quits and leave the site up until he/she is sent a hosting bill. :lol:
All jokes aside though, please don't feel threatened by me, I mean, I really rate this site - it is actually full of useful information, and has a very welcoming atmosphere. I have also seen how quick you guys are to close threads that involve anything that could evolve to illegal activity.

The main reason for my anger with this particular 'CDKEY' issue is this :
I have bought three online games that have had confliction problems because someone else has used a keygen and somehow ended up with my key. Now I would have no issues with it if this sort of issue was resolved immediately. I had to wait up to two months for investigations to be completed, after having spent 90 bucks on a game. And what happens if I lost my receipt? It sucks. If people are going to do it then I wish they would just stay off line so they don't stuff around other people who pay good money for it. :nod:

Don't worry mate, all is good here though! :D