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    Post words that are less commonly used or mess with people's common perception of words

    Scientific words don't count.

    Bdellium. It's a word with a silent b. - An aromatic gum resin similar to myrrh, produced by certain Asian and African shrubs or trees of the genus Commiphora.

    Föhn/foehn - A warm dry wind coming off the lee slopes of a mountain range, especially off the northern slopes of the Alps.
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    1. To beat with a club; cudgel.
    2. To criticize harshly:
    Triskaidekaphobia - fear of the number 13
  3. DinoFlintstone

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    Damp squib "an event which is not as exciting or popular as people thought it would be:
    After all that media attention, the whole event turned out to be a bit of a damp squib, with very few people attending."

    "to cause a liquid to flow around or over something, often in order to clean it:
    The dentist handed me a glass of water to swill my mouth out with."

    "(in Japan, especially in the past) a ceremonial way of killing yourself by cutting open your stomach with a sword"

    "a white layer of needle-like pieces of ice which forms on objects outside when it is very cold"


    "a shout made by a hunter who sees a fox"

    "a tall glass container with a wide round bottom for serving wine or water in a restaurant, or the amount contained in this"

    "a low wall built out from the coast into the sea, to prevent the continual movement of the waves from removing parts of the land"

    "a special event at which people dance to traditional music, especially in Scotland and Ireland"

    Fourohfour [404]
    "describes someone stupid who does not know how to use email and computers:"

    "Fear of the number 666."

    "An animal or insect."
    [An insect would be a 'wee beastie.]
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