Obesity responsible for 100,000 cancer cases annually

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Wade8813, Nov 7, 2009.

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    The title of the news story should be "Obesity apparently responsible . . "

    What I really hate about this type of research is now no one is going to think twice, they're going to assume obesity causes cancer, end of story. The only surefire thing that scientists know about obesity is that it stresses the body, all the specifics are not even solid fact. It's all theories and possibilities. As the story points out, this research really doesn't prove anything since the researchers themselves have only found a correlation.
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    i don't understand how something like obesity can lead to cancer.
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    Obesity stresses out the body, if you're body is worn out you have less of an ability to fight off infectious or intrusive ailments. If you stood any chance at fending off cancer cells before... chances are higher that your body will not have the ability to do so if you're obese.

    I can see that much making sense.
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    cancer is caused by a number of things and only becomes a threat when they all come together by chance or by diet or something else ,so the way to help yourself is try to be one step ahead .

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