Obama's "help" with making peace in the ME

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by Boredie, Dec 14, 2009.

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    The last few months have been very hard on the Israeli government, having to deal with pressure from the US who were trying to extract a promise from Israel to stop all building projects in the West Bank, to help towards renewing negotiations with the PA.
    Eventually Israel came to an agreement to freeze any building projects for the next 10 months. Meaning, any building projects that are currently in process will continue till the end but no new projects will start, not even those which have been given the green light to start many months before.
    Now here's the catch. Who are the ones who are employed in the building business? Palestinians!
    When the Palestinian workers heard that there will be a stand still in building work, they really got annoyed/frustrated, knowing that this situation will bring them to lack of income once the current projects end.
    I'm not even going to go into all the problems it will cause on the Israeli side, since that's not the point of this thread.

    My question is simple, if freezing building projects harms the Palestinians' livelihood how is this going to help them with the negotiations? The next 10 months are going to bring the Palestinian people down because many of them will have no income and they will once again blame Israel for not providing for the Palestinians, when in actual fact, if it weren't for Obama and his policies we wouldn't be in a situation where Israel will be blamed for not caring for the Palestinians whose livelihood has been taken away from Obama's own request!

    I predict, that the frozen building projects is what is going to cause another uproar from the Palestinian people (not talking about their government) might even lead to a 3rd intifada all because Israel did what the Obama government pressured Israel to do to help with negotiating with the PA.

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  2. Boredie

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    The lack of response makes me "speechless".
    Where are all the people who constantly complain about the lack of advancement towards the poor Palestinians, who continually support their cause in wanting them to have a state of their own?
    Where are they now, when Israel has been forced by the US government to take a step towards peace in the ME, when actually all this will do is cause more riots among the Palestinians who want a steady income without any connection to the peace process? Where is the outcry from the supporters of the poor Palestinians, who will suffer greatly with the freezing of the building projects in Israel?

    Or are there none?
    Does the support to the Palestinians exist solely to be against Israel?
    If that is not so, then where are the people who really support the Palestinians?
    Why don't you have anything to say?!
    Why can't you acknowledge that here is an example that Israel is forced to do something that is geared towards peace in the ME, when the individual Palestinians will suffer more so than without the "help" of freezing the building projects?
    But no, it seems (from the lack of response) than none really care what the outcome will be of the Palestinians during the peace process/talks.
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  3. Bananas

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    Who should we be angry at, the master or the puppet? Perhaps its time Israel cuts those strings (on compassionate grounds for the Palestinian builders).

    The catch-22 is not if Israel should pursue its building projects in the interest of Palestinian "builders" its really whether Israel should be populating the west bank in the interest of Palestinians. Who are you really trying to please? Obama or the Palestinians, or is it entirely down to self-interest after all Israel 60 years on should be exercising its sovereignty, if you want to build houses in the west bank you should do so.
  4. pro2A

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    Personally I say there is too much restraint on the part of the Israelis. If I were the Israeli PM... I'd tell Obama to get stuffed. That's just me though.
  5. Boredie

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    I really wish I knew. Not being part of the Israeli government kind of keeps me out of it when it comes to intentions.
    Unfortunately Israel relies too much on US aid and having the threat of it being taken away or cut drastically, makes Israel accept certain things requested of them from the US to the US's advantage.
    The freezing of the building projects throughout the country is just one example of what Israel does unwillingly because of their dependence on US aid and friendship. It's disgusting, imo.
    Israel has already stated there will be a Palestinian state, it's the road that leads to it which is the problem. What annoys me is that Obama's way of helping in the ME peace process is the wrong way to go, and no one outside of Israel seems to notice that, nor care.
  6. pro2A

    pro2A Hell, It's about time!

    Obama is a Muslim apologist. To him, we're the problem and we must do everything to appease the Muslims. It doesn't matter if they are blowing up school buses or not. To him and all the other Islamic apologists, we deserve it. This is why he takes this stance on ME peace process.
  7. Gavik

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    Not if you were getting a shit load of American money and weaponry.
  8. Wade8813

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    Exactly. We've given them SOOO much military support, and will continue to do so. Weapons, planes, training...
  9. Gavik

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    Sorry to go off topic, but did a neutron bomb go off in this place? Last time I was here there would be a new post in MD every few minutes.

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