Obama’s First One Hundred Days...

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    This is great. :lol:

    IMAO Blog Archive Obama’s First One Hundred Days

    * Replace the national anthem with something you can dance to.
    * Based on his own example, no more discriminatory hiring practices where experience is taken into account.
    * Write official apology to the world for being America.
    * Throw all openly straight people out of the military.
    * Follow through on promise not to touch people’s gun; instead, ban all ammo.
    * Later, take guns from ammo-less gun owners.
    * Make it a federal crime to be rich.
    * Replace weekly radio address with poetry night.
    * Nationalize as many businesses as possible; rename our financial situation the Obomony.
    * Make worshiping him an official religion so making campaign contributions to him is tax deductible.
    * Train military less for killing, more for hugging.
    * Vow to return to the moon and remove all those American flags so as not to make it so political.
    * Declare that borders will no longer be enforced because the land isn’t owned by America, it’s owned by Gaia.
    * Replace national symbol of the bald eagle with the unicorn.

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    I think he should put spinners on the Presidential limo. That would absolutely rock.
    Also if he replacing "Hail to the Chief" with this:

    YouTube - Isaac Hayes - Theme from SHAFT

    I would seriously consider voting for him in 4 years.
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    I...don't get it....
  4. Merc

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    What? Nothing about Muslims or the quran? I'm disappointed!

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