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Obama's best and worst decisions?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Obama as been the President of the US for quite some time now, not long enough to give a fair judgement though.

Anyway, question in hand here is what do you believe are Obama's best and worst decisions? Please try to give a positive and a negative. I don't want this to turn into a Obama hate thread. I'm sure even the Obama haters out there still believe he's done a bit of good.


Problematic Shitlord
One of his best is reversing the ban on stem cell research.

His worst, hands down, is the auto and bank bailouts. It shows a complete lack of understanding of basic business and societal structures. These companies were failing because they're dishonest, ineffective, and disliked by their consumers. So what does our government do? Save them. They may as well mailed all of us ribbed dildos with a little note that said, "To my dearest friend, love Sam." Then they bail out the auto industry which deserved to fail after their reluctance to adopt cheaper energy and more fuel efficient cars (which of course all companies have now begun doing this thanks to their resurrection).

When a business fails, it opens up room for a new one. Reviving the old, broken ones doesn't do anyone any good in the long run.


Son of Liberty
I'm going to agree with Cons and what he thinks are the best and worst decisions but for different reasons.

I agree reversing the ban on stem cell research was a good decision and was a long time coming.

I agree that his worst was the bailouts and the stimulus package. I disagree that these were necessarily ineffective dishonest companies. I haven't read the new regulation bill but it appears it leaves out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Much of the blame has been on the companies themselves while ignoring how ineffective the federal government was including the Fed. I agree that so far the administration has shown a lack of understanding of basic economics.


not a plastic bag
As far as the best, I would say his nuclear power expansion program and a greater commitment to vets. The nuclear power may have been lip service, I have no idea. However, I know that for a long time vets received the worst hearing aids made and now they receive good aids. I know there's been more attention to care concerning veteran affairs.

I'd say the worse was the stimulus. Which not only had no positive effect on the economy has been mired with corruption, incompetence and kickbacks. Politics as usual.
After thinking about it for a moment, the worst may be the overturning of the Mexico City Policy. Tax dollars going to fund abortions around the world. That's pretty sickening.
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Do What Thou Wilt
I will have to third the notion that reversing the ban on stem cell research is the best thing he has done.

But, I must disagree with the bailouts, to some extent, while I agree that bailing out the banks was a bad idea. Bailing out GM, has actually worked. Bailing them out saved them, which means that thousands of GM workers still have jobs, while if they weren't bailed out, it would certainly have meant several lost their jobs.

I think the worst thing he has done was is let the insurance companies write the healthcare bill. All they did is make it so they are top dog, and they get even profits than they deserve, and screw all of the people, who will be forced to buy insurance now, and not get coverage that the Bill was supposed to provide.