ObamaCare makes insurance more expensive

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by MenInTights, Sep 9, 2010.

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    This unconstitutional obamanation needs to be repealed. Lawmakers and supporters didn't read it, Pelosi says we have to wait to see what's in it, we were "supposed" to like it once it kicks in, tax for 4 years before "benefits" are provided (accounting trick so it would not appear to add to the deficit - 10yrs tax, 6 yrs benefits), IRS to have access to medical records supposedly to determine "compliance", huge new bureaucracy between citizens and their medical care, rationing will be required for cost containment, etc. etc.

    Unamerican, unconstitutional loss of freedom, liberty, & PRIVACY!
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    I didn't think it had a chance in Hell of being repealed until I saw the article I posted earlier. 20% increases is quite a wow factor. I would like to see the Republicans defund it for the next 2 years followed be a candidate that will repeal it in 2012 and pass true reform. I think there's a good shot that will happen.
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    What??!?!!?! Government creating an artificial demand in the market is going to cause an increase in costs?!?!? Whoda thunk?

    I agree this is unconstitutional and it should be repealed. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
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    I don't understand why you guys aren't upset with the insurance providers over these rate increases. Health insurance companies have raised their rates an average of 87% over the last six years and now you're outraged over 20%, which doesn't even need to happen, they're just using this as an excuse. Surely they could take a hit to their profits (which have risen over 400% since 2000) and outrageous CEO salaries (which are as high as $23 million annualy) in order not to screw over their customers? No, I guess it makes more sense to punish people for wanting what everyone else in the free world has.

    Sources: Sick for Profit - Insurance CEOs AFL-CIO NOW BLOG | Health Insurance Profits Soar as Industry Mergers Create Near-Monopoly
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    This is hugely ironic. Stats can be confusing, but if you actually read the chart you'll discover that the vast percentage of the predicted increase--even in that statistically irrelevant worst case example--has nothing to do with the reform. It's just the same old corporate bloodletting that's the real doomsday scenario for our economy. If cost increases are a true concern for you, MiT, then by all good logic you should be up in arms against these faceless, pitiless mega-companies and their stranglehold on the American wallet. It's regrettable that critical thinking and the generally non-Apocalyptic truth so often take a back seat to the more sensational propaganda of our partisan political institutions.
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    I saw a huge increase from 1998 to 2005 that ended up dropping my wife from the company policy I was on just before she had a baby. The entire run up and dropped insurance cost us a huge amount of financial hardship. I mean, I understand personally that insurance premiums are a huge problem and I'm all for reform. I just completely disagree with the reform we have and I think it will make things much worse.
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    and I think that the insurance companies are playing on those fears and using them as an excuse to do whatever they want. "Don't blame us, blame Obamacare." It's classic deflection.
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    I'm not upset with insurance companies because I have a choice. If I don't want to purchase their product they can't put me in jail like the government can if I choose to not pay my taxes. This whole unconstitutional boondoggle is being forced upon us and was based upon lies and misdirection. There is no room for our federal government to operate outside of the constitutionally limited representative republic. No matter who wants to reinterpret what that means.

    What they are trying to do is tyranny!
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