Obama speaking.

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YouTube - Barack Obama on Gustav: "We Rise and Fall as One Nation"

..I've been saying for a while that for an american who has enough, who has a family who can support them, or for someone who hasn't had to face real disaster that can't be fixed again - there's no way that you can possibly sell nationalized healthcare, or an argument to strengthen the middle class by making it possible to get out of real poverty, and so on, to them. That there's just no way that the american dream could be about ensuring a good foundation for success, and that everyone should have that chance - rather than being only about those who become millionaires. Because that's the kind of success americans want in both parties nowadays - to be top dog by any means, and that they(the voters) just differ on the grade of empathy for those who are less fortunate than them.

Am I still right, or has Obama actually managed to make a good sell here? I guess even the republicans will be reluctant to call the union movement communist. So it might be possible to get away with making a more traditional split between the democrats being for the small guy, and the republicans rooting for the top dog... where it's at least possible to have an argument - but hey, what do I know.

What do people think? Is it just bullshit, or does Obama hit on something that contrasts with the republican message in the right way?