Obama says he will lower taxes

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by pro2A, Sep 22, 2008.

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    Do you want us to discuss the article, or your question of when Democrats have lowered taxes on the middle class? What Democrats have or have not done in the past is irrelevant to what Obama will do.
    George H.W. Bush said he wouldn't raise taxes and he did. So much for your theory that only Democrats raise taxes.
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    They just need to adopt the Fair Tax laws in my opinion that way everybody no matter gets taxed and there is no way around it. I mean think about it, ya we are taking the hit on taxes but there are a slew of illegals out there making just as much money if not more than us and they aren't paying a red cent.
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    Unless you buy goods from another country or the black market.
    Except that many do.
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    I'm just pointing out his obvious flip-flop. He says he's going to lower taxes on the middle class, yet says he's gonna vote on a capital gains tax that will undoubtedly effect the equity of the 70% middle class share holders...

    He contradicts himself.
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    What what? That's just not true at all.

    The top tax bracket own most of America's equity. Bye equity I am thinking you mean investments, stocks, etch. The top 10% own most of it.

    The capital gains tax affect the rich more than the middle class because most of the middle class have either a 0% or 5% rate on LT capital gains while the rich pay 10%-20% depending on the year.

    Actually Obama has said several times that he wanted to lower the taxes on the middle class. He cites it in his book in multiple chapters.
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    first of all, "affects" not effects; "than" not then.

    second of all, where do you get that statistic?
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    He'll lower taxes for eighty percent of individuals (including you, Pro2a, far more than McCain, whose taxes to the lower and middle classes amounts to fractions of a percent_- who are currently being bankrupted en masse by the mortgage crisis and high healthcare costs.

    He won't lower them for my family (he will in fact raise them), but I don't mind- we have plenty of money to spare. Progressive taxation makes sense given how ludicrously unequal wealth is in this society. I want to do everything to help the less fortunate, given that they are increasingly impoverished, homeless, and under strain from outside forces.
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  10. pro2A

    pro2A Hell, It's about time!

    I'd rather have a better paying job then a lower paying job due to the over taxation of the "rich" who create the jobs. Hate to break it to you, businesses (the rich) don't just suck up the tax burden like you think they do in some fairy tail world, they cut hours and jack up prices to compensate.

    Both liberal policies and self inflicted wounds by the government.

    Congratulations. Don't you think you know where you can donate your money better then the government does? The Government asks us taxpayers to tighten our belts, but they spend like sailors... why? Because they are government. I'm glad you think the government can blow your hard earned money on wasteful spending, like bailing out unqualified low income people from the problem they got into because of the Government in the first place.

    So you impose your draconian un-American laws on American tax payers demanding we take care of these people from cradle to grave? There are hoards of people who do nothing but collect checks. If I got free money, why the hell would I want to work?

    If you had an ounce of Constitutional understanding you would clearly understand we have a very unconstitutional highly progressive income tax. Article 1, section 8 & 9 are very clear on taxation.
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