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Obama retains approval ratings in Europe


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This is a joke yes? If any of this is true then I am seeing different news than the rest of Europe. Everything I hear from European countries is nothing but how Obama is indecisive, how he tries to implement ridiculous banking idea's no EU country wants, and the ways in which he lets down his own country!!

I do not have a source to counter this poll, but I find this very very difficult to believe in it's validity.
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It doesn't surprise me and these polls more or less match my observations here in Germany. People are not that crazy about Obama anymore, some disappointed and many a little disillusioned he didn't bring the thorough change they hoped for, but I think people are generally ok with Obama restoring sanity on the field of foreign policy, after Bush had made it a mix of adolescent grandstanding, bullying and intimidating allies and foes alike. At least on that field, things have gone back to a solid Clinton- or Bush sr. level.

And no matter how much they are disappointed by Obama, I don't know of any German who'd consider even for a second that any Republican, be it McCain, Palin or even a fascist clown like Glenn Beck would be a better option.

But that's just my personal observation, no idea how representative that is.


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I'm not at all a fan of Obama . . . I'm a little nervous about all these people he VERY SUDDENLY put on the Supreme Court (or was it some other big thing). With these women (like Sotomayor) what is his reason? Because they are qualified? Or because their being on the Court makes him look good? Obama also tried to get that healthcare bull**** passed WAY too quickly for comfort. He makes me nervous.