Obama or McCain?

Who will win?

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Who is gonna win?post the name,and i reapeat JUST the name,thank you.


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No, I'm not giving you just a name. If you want a poll, post a poll.

McCain. Why? Because I don't think Obama has enough strength to pull the Christian vote.


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This is a discussion section. Deal with it or don't post here. If you're looking to merely poll people, then start a poll.
then 1, why is this in serious discussion, and 2, why ask for a poll without posting one?
hmm. Merc beat meh
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I would love to see Obama winning, but I am afraid McCain will make it. America isn't ready yet for a black President, there are still too many racists out there (even if those are just 5% or 10%, that's still enough to cause McCain winning).


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I don't think it's possible to say for sure who will win at this point.. But I will assume McCain.

Even though I want Obama to win and absolutely do not want McCain in office, my vote doesn't matter in the end.


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Dont we have a thread like this already? And I refuse to participate, if you want to find out who supports who here then read through the other threads its not that difficult. I just felt like hijacking your thread with useless text concerning nothing of the topic at hand much like you did mine earlier. Enjoy.