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Obama most admired man alive: Gallup


Lion Rampant
The Gallup Organization's annual 'most admired man' poll puts the President at the top for the third year in a row and miles ahead of second-place poller George W. Bush. Obama even scored higher among Republicans (albeit within the margin of error) than their own media darling, perennial loose screw and blubberface Glenn Beck. (I know that I could have described that one more politely in front of some of his fans. Next time, I will.)

I'm surprised that no one from the Left had posted this seemingly relevant news item for MD discussion, as it counters the oft-uttered suggestion that the President's duck is cooked. Anyway, have a look for yourselves. What do you see in the tea leaves of December?

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton Are 2010's Most Admired


Embrace the Suck
The fact that Glen Beck was even on this poll says something about it in and of itself.

I don't think it says much as far as his reelection chances go. I admire him for actually breaking the color barrier and becoming president. I admire him for going to Harvard Law School. I admire different people for different reasons but that doesn't mean I'd vote for him/her. In the case of the president I can't see myself ever voting for him simply because of my disagreement with his politics and his running of the country. That doesn't mean he doesn't have traits and qualities I admire.

I admire him more than I admire Glen Beck, but I do agree with Beck more than I agree with him politically (not to say Beck can be a little screwy sometimes).

EDIT: I wanted to add, when you look at his upbringing, moving around, his dad not a part of his life, his mom leaving him with her parents, you really have to admire what he has accomplished. But again, doesn't mean I'd vote for him.
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not a plastic bag
Pretty much the same as CO. I don't know a lot about the early years of Obama. But being raised by a single parent after being abandoned by his perennial loose screw and communist(lol.) father and doing all that he's done is admirable. Even more so than GWB, who I admire for different reasons. Doesn't mean I'd vote for either one though.
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