Obama/McCain on Moral Failure

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by ysabel, Aug 17, 2008.

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    Full story here: BBC NEWS | Americas | US rivals try to woo Christians

    So according to Obama, the greatest moral failure of America was its insufficient help to the disadvantaged.

    He also supports same-sex civil unions (while saying "marriage should be a union between man and woman). He reaffirmed his pro-choice stance on abortion.

    According to McCain, America's greatest moral shortcoming is its citizens' failure to devote themselves to causes greater than their self-interests.

    He sees himself as pro-life president. He reaffirms his stance against abortion from the moment of conception. He also supports preserving the unique status of marriage between a man and a woman (he is against same sex marriages).

    What do you think of their stance regarding moral failure of the US and on abortion/marriages?

  2. Sim

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    It's funny how you can't win an election in America without involving religion (or interpreting it in public so it fits your stances).

    Anyway, I like Obama's message. Poverty indeed is a serious problem in America, which only has rudimentary social welfare nets and where 60 million don't have health insurance. Also, both racial and sexual tolerance is a good thing.

    McCain on the other hand, seems to be a ruthless militarist. Maybe Christianity is not a religion of peace, but of war and slaughter of innocents, depending on which quotes from the Bible you focus on -- but I have a hard time believing Jesus, who told people "to turn the other cheek" and who smashed the marchants' tables, was in favor of endless war. McCain seems to want people to fight and die.

    But that's nothing new. Those had been the two candidates' stances even before they involved religion.
  3. Syndicate

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    Isn't that the truth. Something Bush managed to capitalize on twice with the redneck vote. Gotta love that pro-life, pro corporal punishment combo!

    I'm glad to see Obamas consistency with his believes, even though it'll lose him some support. I can picture ol' yellow tooth Billy planting Mad Dog bumper stickers up right now.

    I don't care too much what choices USA make for themselves but the ripples travel across the world. I only see war vs peace here and yet, after recent times, I still have huge doubts in mind over the outcome.
  4. micfranklin

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    I saw none of the debate last night for obvious reasons, but it seems like their respective beliefs are exactly what I thought they'd be from both candidates.
  5. Envy

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    I think labeling same-sex "unions" is not the best, but it's better than the nothing that McCain is promising.
  6. Steerpike

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    Mr. McCain is either contradicting himself or equivocating.
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  7. Kazmarov

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    An interesting note is when Warren asks them about a failure in their life, Obama talked about his drug use and his experimentation, and how it was his fault.

    McCain said 'the failure of my marriage'. He didn't mention that he divorced his wife, who had waited faithfully for him while he was in Vietnam all those years, and recently after a bad accident, for a younger, blonde, very rich woman.

    I think Obama took responsibility while McCain deflected it.
  8. Mirage

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    I think the question "What is YOUR biggest moral failure" kind of implies "your" when answering it. I think you are looking for things that aren't here.

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