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Politics Obama isn't a Christian


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The number of people I've met who claim to be Christians that I do not view as Christians due to their actions and words is pretty damn high. I think we run into that argument mentioned "how do you call someone a 'true' Christian?" or is there such a thing?

I think it's amusing how concerned people are with Obama's faith or anyone's faith for that matter. If you rely on faith for moral authority or believe that it's the only thing holding someone from doing bad things, then we have a different problem entirely.


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Obama 'not a Christian'? There are many who would take issue with GWB calling himself a 'Christian'. He didn't exactly operate to the Law of Love ...

I don't see what religion a President is or isn't holds any relevance, unless it directly and adversely influences foreign policy.
The same as anyone, heart and soul is what matters, not what 'label' we attach to ourselves.


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I think that if you assume the position of commander-in-chief for the most expensive military and the largest active nuclear arsenal--if the most central role of your office is to manage the ultimate responsibility of direction and disposition of the military (after Congress declares war)--you step pretty far away from the peaceful, loving, Christ-like Christianity I'm familiar with. Killing is of course different from murder, but can you honestly be Christian and work that hard to get a job where the fruits of your sincere labor will include the need to condone killing and sending people to die? That is a real question.

Of course telling everyone in a largely Christian nation, "I'm Christian" is good politics for getting elected. How many Christian presidents were really Christian then? Advocating: holding slaves, personally murdering native tribes, dropping atomic bombs, turning a blind eye to pollution for greed, toppling democratically elected governments to install your own, lying to your followers, cheating on your wife, screw-the-poor economics, and infringing civil liberties--that's some rotten fruit, to keep in line with the author's article.

If Obama told you he was a "real" Christian and has turned out to not live up to that ideal in your eyes, then join hands and break bread with everyone else who gave him (and other presidents) a vote based on promises they were made but are wanting in the fruit they were promised. I've lost faith in my elected officials but I've grown faith in working with my neighbors, that I can say for sure.

I want Jimmy Carter back, as a side note. Building houses for the poor, putting clean solar panels on everything, instilling all-American farmer's values into negotiation talks, giving universal amnesty for and forgiving Vietnam draft-dodgers who didn't want to kill or be killed, reducing nuclear arms, trying to chill out the Middle East, upping environmental protection to care for the earth, supporting human rights, deregulating the American home-brew beer and alcohol industry so you could literally turn water into wine. TALK ABOUT A CHRISTIAN PRESIDENT.
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I would argue that Christianity is not about being weak and letting everyone walk all over you.

It is a religion based in love, that's true, but we all have different definitions of love. I think it's best to let the Bible shape exactly what Christianity and following God should look like.

Carter was a decent man, no argument there. His policies were bad for America and he was a weak leader. Doesn't mean he wasn't a good guy though.


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I find it more interesting that a politician's religious beliefs actually make a difference. People are entitled to their own beliefs and it shouldn't have any bearings on whether or not you vote for someone; the focus should be on policies and what that politician has to offer their respective country, not what faith they practice.
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