Obama Health = ER crowding, wait + turn away sick

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by SmilinSilhouette, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. SmilinSilhouette

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  2. MenInTights

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    And the best part is, we get to start paying for it next year! Its like getting the bill for your funeral before you die
  3. Blueyes

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    actually an ER is legally not allowed to turn away patients no matter if they have insurance or not. Now if it is just for an appointment in a clinic, that's another story.
  4. CaptainObvious

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    Currently. I think the article is talking about what may come because of the bill.
  5. dDave

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    Yeah like CO said, the bill will completely change the way that healthcare looks in this country.

    Of course it's not legal for them to turn away patients in the current system but that system is going to be all but gone soon. Of course nobody really knows what the new system will entail entirely. We'll see if it becomes legal to turn away patients.
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  6. Merc

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    Of course, the formula before this wasn't much better:

    US healthcare: Ridiculous amounts of cash + expensive and ineffective insurance = possibility of getting treatment or little or no money = "get the fuck out of our hospital"

    Either way you look at it, our healthcare system blows. Obama's isn't better but it's also not much worse.
  7. Unity

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    Let's just go with your hypothesis that ERs will be more crowded. Does crowdedness and waiting bother you if other human beings are being treated when they couldn't afford insurance before?

    And I'm just focusing on waiting and crowds here, not the usual concerns of quality going down.
  8. CaptainObvious

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    I actually think family doctor's offices will be exponentially more busy as opposed to ER's and I do have a problem waiting to see a doctor for an even longer period of time just so he can spend 5 minutes with me (since they'll be over scheduling to make up what they used to make before).
  9. Hiei

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    I heard on the news the other day that doctors are going to take something like a 20 - 30% hit on patients that have medicare, which means that when they go to collect on that government money, they're going to get paid 20 - 30% LESS per patient that has medicare, per doctor, per hospital.

    You add this to the already failtastic Obamacare, and it's going to end up where you go to the hospital, take a number, go home, wait to die. There's going to be very little incentive to be a doctor in the next year, and my guess, is that those doctors are going to stop being doctors since they're not making the kind of money that they should be making. And with no doctors, I don't care how many nurses we currently have, the call for nurses (already calling for as many as possible) is going to sky rocket, and that's just going to make the waiting time to get into nursing classes that much longer.

    If our healthcare system is bad right now, when Obamacare kicks in, it's going to be completely ineffective.
  10. Bananas

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    They are changing the system, not the morals within the system. Im sure the legality of turning patients away has little bearing on the code of practice a Doctor adheres to or the ethics of the lawmakers surrounding their practice.

    It would be very disheartening and also very surprising if the American people were to do such a moral u-turn, or, if at present such action as 'not turning patients away' only exist due to laws holding it in place.

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