Obama employs absentee landlord as finance advisor

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    This Modern World Blog Archive Penny Pritzker, Obama, and the Massive Housing Crisis
    Check link for more background.

    Question: can it be positive and productive to criticise a candidate you still want to run for office?
    Ok, then. So predictably, another Obama- scandal appears, targeting his idealism while undermining his sense of personal judgement - in this incarnation, the "Rezko- problem/deal/issue".

    Obama on Rezko deal: It was a mistake :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Politics
    Indeed, on the same day(!). Alarums. Dashing skill on the typewriter, there.

    Question: can we see the difference between those two scandals? (And go on and write something, you lazy bastards - you're heading for an historic election which may, unlike previous ones, actually turn out to be about real issues rather than just cult- like personality- worship by about 25% of the population...)
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