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Obama Drafting Major Address on Middle East Upheaval


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
AFP: Obama speech on Arab world in coming days: report

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama's long-expected speech on turmoil in the Arab world could take place as soon as next week, in the aftermath of the death of Osama bin Laden, a report said Wednesday.

Obama's address will focus on the popular uprisings, violence and political change sweeping the region, and also come at a time of deep uncertainty for his hopes of renewing talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the address, predicted back in April by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, could come as soon as next week, before Obama leaves on a Europe trip, which includes the G8 summit in France.

An official said that no firm date had yet been set for the speech.

Obama is believed likely to make the case that uprisings by the people of Middle Eastern nations against long-ruling autocrats reveal the ideology of bin Laden's Al-Qaeda movement to be redundant.

"It's an interesting coincidence of timing -- that he is killed at the same time that you have a model emerging in the region of change that is completely the opposite of bin Laden's model," Ben Rhodes, a top Obama foreign policy advisor, told the Journal.
So what are your expectations from this speech? What do you think is going to come out of it?