Obama announces initiatives for middle class

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by R1pperZ, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. R1pperZ

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    President Barack Obama on Monday offered help for people struggling to pay bills and care for their families. The product of a middle class task force headed by Vice President Joe Biden, the proposals will also be included in Obama's budget request due to be submitted to Congress next week.


    Obama announces initiatives for middle class | General News | Comcast.net

    A little more effort than handing out checks for a few hundred dollars as an economy stimulant don't you think? This is why I like Obama, he is looking to the long term and really trying to fix the issues average Americans are facing. What do you guys think about Obama's focus on middle class Americans?

  2. pro2A

    pro2A Hell, It's about time!

    Instead of all this garbage that he is proposing, he needs to abolish the IRS and switch to a Fair Tax, so I can keep MY money and spend it how I see fit, and pay taxes when I see fit. The fact that I have to give it so some bureaucrat in Washington to waste it on some bullshit that makes no sense to me is NOT helping my financial well being in the least bit.

    In short these are feel good measures to appease the sheep.

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  3. MAgnum9987

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    What you fail to see Pro is that their are people out their who ACTUALLY need help and assistance. My family for one. My father has worked hard his entire adult life, paying his taxes, returning the money to the system. Well, at the age of 40, he was diagnosed with a failed kidney. Then my grandfather dumps on us by steeling our money. So families like mine who have worked hard our whole lives don't deserve help so you can be completely well off?

    Don't get me wrong I KNOW their are people who exploit the system, and thats why the current welfare system needs REFORM, as well as the IRS, not totally offed.
  4. pro2A

    pro2A Hell, It's about time!

    Americans give... did you see how much the American people raised for Haiti? The government is not the solve all solution. Maybe if the government didn't smother everyone who makes any amount of money to death, people could make more, have more and donate more out of the compassion of their hearts. It feels good when I give my own money to a cause I think is good. You only get resentment, hate and defiance from people when their money is taken and spent on crap that isn't needed.
  5. R1pperZ

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    Oh they have this, it's called being rich... And the person trying to change that is being attacked for not doing it fast enough because he has to fight with a worthless congress you elected...
  6. Dali

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    Oh man, I'm sorry I have every right to say this and I am starting to get very, very pissed off, my heart rate has just shot up to 110!

    Yes America does give "some what" if you could decide which causes are good we really all would be more screwed than we all are now for crying out loud! Yet again the rich will have even more money in their pockets and the poor suffer. If people decided what they thought good causes were it would be terrible, bias and greed would come even more into play. The only crap that isn't needed is the fact you have less money in your pockets but healthier, happier people on your streets contributing to YOUR economy! I am really starting to wonder what people will think when rolls are reversed, would you say the same when you can't put food on your table, go to a Doctor or even pay for a bloody phone bill. "Good causes" the only good causes in some people's minds are the ones where you don't loose a single penny out of pocket. Don't even bring Haiti into this it's very hypocritical.

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  7. MAgnum9987

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    DONATIONS have nothing to do with this. Its our duties as Americans to return to our system to better our nation, and that means supporting people less fortunate than us. And this means paying our taxes. And again, reform will save more money than just nuking the IRS and Wellfare System
  8. pro2A

    pro2A Hell, It's about time!

    It's not the rich. It's the government. The rich create the jobs and when the government attacks the rich and takes almost 50% of their hard earned money... they lay people off. That means you, me and the little guys in the work force get screwed because we won't have a job. The rich have their best interests in mind and will hire who they need to to turn a profit... the government cares about no one and if they run out of money, they just take it from you.

    The rich have a profit to turn and they need you the worker to make that product and they pay you for your services. When the government takes their money from them, guess what, they hire less people which means you don't have a job. This is exactly the situation we are in now. It's economics 101.

    Read up on supply side economics. Obama and his ilk are legislating the exact opposite of all of that. Supply-side economics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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  9. R1pperZ

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    The government is offering tax credits to businesses to offset some of the pressure the businesses are under. I don't know what your talking about when you say the government is taking 50% of their money... The rich get tax breaks left and right and they pay good accountants to take advantage of every break possible.

    Not every rich person owns and runs a business or employs people. There are allot of rich people in America who have benefited from our system so why not up their tax brackets to relieve some of the pressure on the middle class citizens so they can support their families without needing government aid?
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