O well Jeff sucks IMO

Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by Omega, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. Omega

    Omega Ω

    The PWTorch Newsletter reports that some of the anti-Jeff Jarrett wrestlers in TNA are glad that there has been a drop in the iMPACT ratings lately. The feeling is that the poor ratings reflect on the decision to have Jeff Jarrett as the main star of the show with people like Eric Young and Larry Zbyszko at his side. Even usual Jarrett supporters are showing signs of going against him, realizing that he’s the wrong person to center the show around. The dip in ratings comes after weeks of TV without heavy X-Division air time or any Team 3D, with the main focus being on Jarrett.

    "He's hard working and a good guy, but he's not the right person to lead this company on the air. Everybody should have known that a long time ago but at least now there's no denying it,†says one wrestler.

    The chance of Jarrett losing his spot on top of the show is definitely something very real at this point. The people with the most to gain from this would be the wrestlers who are over with the fans but just aren’t getting enough TV time to capitalize on it. Among the names that stand out would be Konnan, who now with the LAX is said to be more intense and focused than he has been in years.

    Bout time they let someone else do something.

  2. Babe_Ruth

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    I can't stand Jeff Jarrett. He's the last person a company should build their company around. He's not a good wrestler, he's not even good on the microphone. He was the top guy in TNA for so long because they had no one else to build the company around. Now with guys like Sting, Christian and Rhyno to name a few he's definitly won't be the main guy anymore.
  3. Omega

    Omega Ω

    I for some reason want to see petey williams with the belt.
  4. shawnesty23

    shawnesty23 Guest

    well i dont liek him but hes betetr than cena or batista so i could live with it
  5. Omega

    Omega Ω

    Ok so other then the names Vince said and Petey who would you want to be the champ (Also it has to be someone that can get it so you cannot pick like shark boy.
  6. shawnesty23

    shawnesty23 Guest

    well there is no chance petey becomes world champ either lol, but i would want samoa joe the most, a heel christian and alex shelley , which wont happen
  7. Omega

    Omega Ω

    Shelley is bad IMO I have seen a few of his matches and they all suck.
  8. Rastisrules

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    Alex Shelly along with CM Punk are the future of the business. Shelly is by no way a bad wrestler and can wrestle circles around petey anyday. Of course this is also coming from a shelly mark so just ignore this if needed.
  9. shawnesty23

    shawnesty23 Guest

    are you joking? have you seen his roh matches or tna ppv matches? he is a great wrestler plus he is outstanding on the mic as rastirules said he wrestles circlesa round petey
  10. Omega

    Omega Ω

    I understand what you two are saying I just don't care for his wrestling.

    Batista was good in OVW but now he sucks I live in the present not the past shawn.

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