O.J. Simpson sentenced to 15 years in prison


Son of Liberty
I'm so confused....

at first I thought this was about the murder of his wife thing, but its not? :hah: just goes to show you that there are certain people in this world that just cannot keep their noses clean.


"There can be only one!"
He's lucky to get 15 year. I heard on the news that he could have got life.

In the U.S, does 15 years mean 15 years?
In Scotland, it was so, that if you did time, you could have it halved or less for good behavior + other factors, but now the time you get IS the time you do.
A truly sad day for the Brown family. Now OJ will no long be able to pursue who really killed Nicole and Ron. :shake:

I just don't know what OJ was thinking when he did this. So many witnesses, a gun AND he was caught on camera.


Sultan of Swat
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Are you being sarcastic Vilky when you say it's a sad day for the Brown family?

Or do you actually believe O.J Simpson was trying to find the killer of his wife Nicole?

If that's the case he doesn't need to look far, just take a look in the mirror, he'll be standing right in front of him.