NYU Professor Performs In-Class Demonstration on Why Students Should Lube


Son of Liberty
Forget what you thought you knew about sex-ed. Try to suppress the images of an old lady demonstrating the good ‘ol condom-on-banana routine. If you want a fresh take on sex education, then Ronald J. Moglia’s class, “Psychosexual Analysis of Human Behavior,” is the place for you.

Student Evan C. Wattles called it “the most interesting course I have ever taken here at NYU” and last Wednesday’s contraception-related class certainly provided some “interesting” material. Wattles and a female student were asked to come up for a demonstration with condoms; the girl was given the role of the “penis,” which she created by putting up two fingers. Evan was then instructed to create a “vagina” by forming an “O” shape with his fingers, which he then ran up and down the “penises” to simulate sex. Two separate condoms, one regular condom and another containing KY Jelly, were then placed on each finger of the “penis”. The female student then had to say which finger felt more sensation (the condom with the KY Jelly).

Together, they became a match made in hand-sex heaven. It was a moment where “their hands made love,” Evan said, and “lubricant dripped down her hand, and tears [of laughter] dripped down [his] cheeks”.

While most of the class immediately erupted in laughter, some students were understandably taken aback. Senior Crystal Bolder explained, “All in all, at first I was pretty shocked, but then I thought about it, and remembered that [Moglia] said that there would be things in the class that would shock us.” Sophomore Christine Runco, who played the crucial part of the “penis” in the presentation, said that “words failed [her] in the beginning” of the presentation, and she wasn’t sure how to react.

Yet the unconventional presentation got the point across to students; sex can be safe and still pleasurable. Even Christine, violated fingers and all, acknowledged, “While it may encompass a different way of teaching, you sure do learn.”

After the presentation, Evan says the class applauded while he and Christine cleaned their lube-covered hands. “I told her I’d call her,” said Evan. “It was undoubtedly the best sex I have ever had.”

NYU Professor Performs In-Class Demonstration on Why Students Should Lube | NYU Local


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I'm waiting for the fruitcakes who are going to call this some unnatural teaching session that needs to be banned for lewdness.