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NY defector returns


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http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/10/nyregion/10albany.html?scp=1&sq=N.Y. Senate&st=cse

My uncle mentioned this a couple weeks ago. Apparently, Republicans wined and dined this guy (and another guy) to get him to join their side so they'd have a majority. Then apparently the state Dems tried to prevent the Republicans from passing anything by locking the Repubs out or something.

And now the Democrats apparently did something similar to convince this guy to come back to their side.

This whole thing seems shady, if not outright illegal.

EDIT: Here's a link confirming what my uncle said, about them being locked out


Democrats asked the governor to change the locks on the Senate’s doors, but Mr. Paterson refused, aides in the governor’s office and the Senate said.
“This is getting a little ridiculous — they’ve got to act like adults here,” Gov. David A. Paterson lamented at a news conference Wednesday afternoon in his chambers on the second floor of the Capitol. He urged lawmakers to return to the Senate and settle the leadership fight, but he has been largely relegated to the sidelines.
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I'm not pointing fingers at either side because congressmen on both sides do it. They have only their own interest at heart, and change parties just to get themselves reelected. But regardless of who it is or which side they change from or to, this is the type of politician we don't need to keep re-electing.

Term limits for all political office holders, I say!! :nod: