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This is looking like a stacked card. Three matches have been announced:

Gargango vs Ciampa in a Street Fight
Velveteen Dream vs Riocheeet
Nikki Cross vs Shania Baizley for NXT Women's Title

I assume Aliester Black vs Lars Anderson will be announced if it hasn't already.
I would think either Tag Titles or North American Title will be defended.

Takeover cards are always great & usually are better than WWE PPV's

Forgive me if I made a couple spelling typos


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Sulluvan vs Black to quote JR will be bowling shoe ugly & can't go last. Dream vs Riocheet will be match of the night. After watching NXT that I recorded I sense Gargano's wife is going to turn on him & align with Ciampa.


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Have to record Takeover as I will be at Jack & Jill event on Saturday night. Dream vs Riocheet is going to be match of the night. I except Gargano vs Ciampa to close the show. I still think Gargano's wife will turn on him & align with Ciampa. Can you imagine the nuclear heel heat Ciampa gets if that happens


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Here's the card for this pay per view. Won't be able to watch live, but will try to watch it before Money in the Bank on Sunday.