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NXT Rookie, Aloisia fired


I sense Isis the Amazon is going to get repackaged and be sent to either RAW or SmackDown! in the following months. When the Divas were being introduced during NXT I just knew that all the attention would be on Isis rather than the other girls. Heck, that's probably the only reason I would tune in, just to see what she has to offer. Maybe WWE didn't want her to have that much attention from the get-go.


Where is my Queen?
Who cares, I don't want to see a Chyna wanna be on television anyways. And I really care less about NXT season 3.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Stupid move, Aloisia was probably the only reason a lot of people would tune in to the show. I can't really think of any of the other women that stood out to me.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I don't know what they're going with this, but it seems pretty stupid, and I wouldn't be surprised if it since Vicky is involved in the whole thing.

I have to agree with Unity though, Aloisia is probably one of the only reasons why someone would tune in the third season. I have a feeling this season will do really bad in ratings. Thank god it's only five weeks.


I ♥ Haters
Okay, so here's the latest on Aloisia...

Dave Meltzer has confirmed that former NXT season 3 rookie Aloisia (real name Lindsay Howard) has been released by World Wrestling Entertainment. She officially announced her released with an interview on Diva-dirt.com. From there the rumors swirled on why the sudden dismissal of someone who would be such an immediate “attraction” in the company. Additionally it was thought she was not physically ready from a wrestling standpoint to appear on television, but then Aloisa commented on her won website that some racy photos from her past may have contributed to her release.
From her website:
“When I first received my offer from WWE, they asked me to fill out a “Talent Information Form” providing them with information about myself and my background. One of the questions was, “Have you ever posed nude?”. I answered “No” to this question, because that’s the truth. If they had asked me if I ever posed suggestively, I would of course have answered “Yes”, but there’s a big difference between suggestive and nude. As to the question of whether this was why they took me off the show, that’s something you’d have to ask them. Perhaps it was a factor in their decision, but I honestly don’t know their entire thought process, as they’ve communicated very little to me about this. From what I’ve been reading on various blogs, it seems that they may have had a political motivation to get me off the show, but again, you’d have to ask them.”
She also gave an exclusive interview with The Bleacher Report to discuss her departure.
My bad, I guess it wasn't a "bulldshit storyline" after all.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
It was a work at first but supposedly she kept talking about her getting "fired" and the WWE didn't like that. I don't really believe the nude story at all.

I don't believe it's a huge loss though, since I doubt the WWE would be able to utilize her correctly.