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Nudity and Equality


New Member
I would like to point out the great inequity in regards to nudity today between the genders in film and television. This is inspired by Barts nude scene in "The Simsons Movie" and the fact that a 10 year olds penis can get away with an Australian PG rating but if they had chosen to show Lisas Vagina or Breasts the movie would most likely be banned worldwide. This inequity has always existed as long as nudity in film has.

Australia has five film ratings: G-General PG- parental guidance and M-Mature can be viewed by anyone of any age, MA-Mature Audiences can only be viewed by 15 year olds and older and R-Restricted can only be viewed by 18 year olds and older.

Until about 20 years ago any nudity except rear would get an R rating, then in the 80s Breasts and Penises, but not Vaginas, could get an MA rating, Vaginas would still be R. Since late 90s early 00s Penises and Breasts found their way to M and Vaginas to MA, and now, any genitals, including Vaginas get an M rating as in "Mrs Henderson Presents", unless they are exhibited graphically in a sex scene which still gets MA or R. this is equality at last, but it took nearly 30 years, and call me a prude, but I think genials should be all restricted to MA movies, so 9 year olds cant buy a ticket.

So finally, equality was reached. Until "The Simpsons Movie", where a 10 year olds penis gets a PG rating. Are penises going to PG now? what about Breasts?, definately not Vaginas...

So, whats the answer? personally, I think that the answer is not to show Lisas vagina and equally lower female standards of nudity but to prohibit the showing of Barts penis, which should count as child pornography anyway ( He's 10), and re-raise male standards to equal with females again. And there defintely should not be ANY nudity male, female, child or adult in a PG movie. Even "Team America", which had similar nudity (puppets instead of cartoon) got an MA rating. As a male I am outraged by this Inequality, but, I dont think society is, and I dont understand why. But mainly I want justification as to why Barts penis can be shown but not Lisas vagina. Not just in a PG film but any film. No film would be approved for release with an 8 year olds vagina in it, cartoon or not, which should be the case, but why isn't it with a 10 year olds penis??

Dont missunderstand me though, I dont want to actually see Lisas vagina, or Barts penis for that matter.

Can anyone justify this???


New Member
I hate to reply to my own post but I feel I can sum it up in 2 questions if you dont want to read the whole thing (its quite long) :

1. Why do penises get lower film classifications than vaginas?

2. Why is it socially acceptable to show Bart Simpsons Penis in a movie but not Lisa Simpsons Vagina seeing as they're both children?

Again, I am looking for justification here, not nude pics of Lisa.