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Nuclear threat


Registered Member
The United States should not enter a war unless it is willing to use the atomic bomb. It did so in Korea and Vietnam. 90,000 lives were lost. 2,700 lives have now been lost in Iraq. This must end. North Korea has tested a nuclear weapon and stated that U.N. sanctions are a declaration of war. The United States must fortify itself against nuclear threat. North Korea as well as Iran must understand they face massive retaliation if they start a nuclear war. They face annihilation as Japan would have had it not heeded the warning of Harry Truman.

Iran is headed in the direction of nuclear weapons. There are 30 nuclear sites around Iran. Ahmadinejad, the Iranian leader, has ignored requirements set forth by the United Nations. It may be imperative that the United States bomb Iranian nuclear sites in 2007. Secretary of State Rice may assume Colin Powell's role in issuing the ultimatum.

JIM COLYER http://www.jimcolyer.com