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News NSA monitoring online games


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Something tells me that people playing video games are way too preoccupied to be terrorists.

They also don't have the legal right to do it, that's probably a good place to start.

It is true that they use pretty much every piece of technology that they can. This is just what we're finding out about. For all I know they are monitoring every text message, email, and maybe even every keystroke on my computer.

Technology has allowed us to do some great things but it has enabled the government to do some very wrong things.


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If its electronics and your hooked to the internet may as well take it for granted you are being watched and everything you say or do is being recorded and stored in one of their facilities. From what I have read better beware of these smart TV's too.

This is a paragraph from the article of the OP.
Games, the analyst wrote, "are an opportunity!". According to the briefing notes, so many different US intelligence agents were conducting operations inside games that a "deconfliction" group was required to ensure they weren't spying on, or interfering with, each other.
Some are saying Utah needs to cut their water off.
NSA Leaks: Opponents Want to Cut Utah Facility Off From Water | TIME.com
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