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NPB Bidding...


Registered Member
I listed a 300ZX (car) two weeks ago. The high bidder did not pay so I filed an NPB. They JUST responded last night to it after I filed it a week ago.

This is their reply:
My wife **** is still in california, her sister and husband were in a fatal car accident...her husband dided on site and they thought her sister was going to make although she was in critical condition...she did not make it..they have 2 children and my wife is guardian and we are not people of many means and are trying to do whats best for children right now....we cannot purchase the car at this time...if you have incurred a listing fee, please send it to us and we will pay it...ty for your understanding ***** and ******.

While I was very sympathetic at first and wanted to say Ok no problem... I looked at their bidding list. And NOW Im a lil irked

While they were not the high bidders they still BID on EIGHT different 300ZX's while this tragic accident supposedly occured.

What steps do I take now?!


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi has eBay responded to NPB claim? If so follow through with what they say.
If the side with you all listing fees will be droped.
Sorry to sound bad but...You bid and win yopu pay..Worst comes to worst tell them you want to see the obit...I have had that one pulled on me....
Good luck..Just go with what eBay decides..


Registered Member
We are still in the 'try and work it out yourselves' stage. UGH! How much longer do I have to wait for this to be done?

I emailed Safe Harbour and alla that too, nothing back yet.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
You still need to submit a NPB or you will have to pay all the fees..You need to submit your NPB ASAP!!!!!!!! OR like NOW.!!!
the longer you wait the better the chances of ebay not finding in your favor..Besides it says "Once you confirm your bid you are responsible to pay" Don't bid If you can't pay..
If they are haveing fam probs that is not your prob...
How do you know that they aren't BSing you cause they found a better deal elsewhere..Have them prove their situation and pay all listing fees..Don't leave feed back till you are satisfied with the out come.....You can leave them a netural if their story is on the up and up..Hey If they are telling the truth then they should understand why you want proof..All the NPB bs is really starting to piss me off..I wish I coiuld add a breech clause to all my auctions...


Registered Member
I did file the NPB Night. But we are still in the dispute stage where you email back n forth or whatnot. And like I said they are still bidding on OTHER 300ZX's while this is all going on.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Ok if they are still biddi ng on others....You can ask ebay to resolve this conflict now or you will be pulling your acount and takeing your biz elsewhere..Also ask the NPB why they can;t pay you and are still bidding on other cars..Time to get rough..Keep bugging eBay abought getting this issue resolved imeaditly..Don't let up or back off on the issue..This is now no longer play time..Cause if the shoe was on the other foot they would be doing the same..


Registered Member
Agree! If they are still bidding then the story is BS! Even if it's not then it's not the real reason they aren't paying. Would for sure let eBay know about the more recient bidding and their email to you. Also would write them (the winners) asking to explain this. GOOD LUCK!


Registered Member
Im sorry Iggy, but Surfer and Nanner are right... dont feel sorry for anyone giving you a *sob* story...

Someone tried that on me, told me a family tragidy happened and he couldnt ship the items on time... a little feedback research and he used the same story 5 times in a years period...

They are just trying to get you to drop the claim... DONT!!


Registered Member
No defitintely do not back down from this one. If they are offering to cover your fees, let em. Cuz if the NPB goes thru, all that will cover is your Final Value Fee. No listing fees are covered by it...you're still out those fees.

I went into advanced search & items by bidder to look at this person's bid history to try & see what you're talking about. I keep getting a 'page not responding' thing from ebay. Soooo, if his bid history is questionable from the time he won the car until now....then pull up his bid history, copy the link, and send it to ebay.

Keep sending & filing with ebay until they do something.


Registered Member
Did I ever mention selling cars on eBay is a PITA? haha

Just another excuse. Do what you gotta do. You filed a npb next step is filing for FFV BEFORE the 30 days is up.

Don't **** em off. It won't put any money in your pocket and don't be in a big hurry to leave feedback unless you want a retaliatory negative in return. That's my 2¢
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