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Nintendo 64 Now What?


New Member
This is from Zelda OoT. The ghost has escaped from the well and somehow I'm supposed to go into it. But how do I go through the rock wall if I can't smash it open or blow it up?
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I believe you have to play a song on the Ocarina but I'm not positive what part you are at. Is there anything in the wall to push like buttons or parts of the wall sticking out?


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To get to the Bottom of the Well dungeon, you have to first go to Kakariko Village as an adult. Talk to the man in the windmill. Take out your Ocarina and learn the Song of Storms. Now, go back to the past, and go to the windmill again. Play the Song of Storms inside the Windmill. The well just outside of the windmill will lose all of its water. Go down the well using the ladder and go inside the dungeon. I hope that helps, to be honest even though ive completed the game quite a few times i wasnt very sure on which part you were on about.