now this one is funny... i like it!!!


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fairyquadmother said:
I asked him if it was Mary Kay, cuz it sounded kinda like that cult. LOLOL
LOL!!!! my mom used to sell that stuff. while the make up is great, i went to a couple of "meetings", and cult is right. :lol:


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My sister sells MK. She's ready to quit her job and do it full time. She's constantly saying "ppl think we are crazy, but I don't care.. ti's fun and exciting". More power to her. she grossed $2k her first two months. Not bad for a newbie.

Don't tell her, but I bought about $200 in MK over the weekend at a garage sale for $32. LOL. Oooops. that consultant was going out of biz.


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Hope it doesn't get pulled....and hope it doesn't go too high. My hubby would love this! (he's really into Mob stuff.....oh wait....I forgot.....there is no such thing as "The Mob" ;)) Hey BTW the guy isn't really selling anything is he? A title?

LOL tough gangster.....checking feedback and they just bought some ladybug wallpaper :D
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Ladybug wallpaer. OMG.. rofllllll.

Now I want to ask him how he likes his ladybug paper. hehee. It's the gay mob!! (ie: queer eye for the straight mobster)


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djebay said:
HAHA, pretty clever idea but I think it will get pulled as well.
"Yu tawlkin to me" R U Tawlkin to me"

Man I'm dating myself! (age that is :D) That was mine and hubby's first date at 16. Went to see that movie.