Now that's frigging cold.


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Apparently the year my family moved to Chicago there were temperatures under -20 degrees Fahrenheit and windchills of -80 degrees. I don't remember it since I was only 2 years old, but my parents said they had to close the schools and everything. It hasn't gotten that cold ever since, but we do get pretty cold winters here usually.


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wow. i hate having cold. i can't do anything when having cold and i don't know what i would do if i lived anywhere where temp. are so low.
right now the temp here in Tirana is 3 °C. it's not a big deal compared to other cities in the world...but still i hate it. i become lazy.


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Believe me, I'm used to the cold, but THAT is friggen cold. It's pretty cold today even at -30ish. It hurts to be outside for too long. Your face gets all sore. It's pretty brutal. (PS, I live in the prairies so I'm not looking foreward to this cold snap)


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Wait... There are negative temperatures? :shocked:

Oh wait... Celsius... Yeah, nevermind.

lol. The coldest I've ever seen was -1F/-18C. And really getting that cold is an extreme rarity. It's been rare to get down into the single digits lately. =(


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Isn't there a certain level of cold it can be before it gets to be dangerous to people?
Exposed skin can be frostbitten any temperature below freezing probably, depending on length of exposure and windchill. If you're dressed properly you can be fine for a while down to -20F or a little colder.

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