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Now recruiting: GF Villains


Problematic Shitlord
Since I have some fans on here who are convinced I'm an evil super villain I figured I may as well give in to peer pressure. That's what the cool kids do right? Can I has teh cools?

We need a name for the evil organization and I need some associates. So here are the positions opening!

Ultimate Evil Super Villain - Merc
Boobie Loving Super Villain - CaptainObvious
Executive Administrative Evil Super Villain - Iris
Champion Warrior Man of Evil Super Villain - Crouton

Archduke of Evil -
Archduke of Evil -

Duke of Evil -
Duke of Evil -
Duke of Evil -

The Bitch - Impact

The Brown-Noser -

Igor - Steg
PR Manager - Smel

Marketing -
Advertising & Sales -

So let's see those resumes! I'm looking for a few bad men and women!
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rainbow 11!
I would like to join, if you could continue to hold the Executive spot open, I will send my resume shortly.


Registered Member
I'm a shoe-in for Igor; I'm a social introvert who spends too much time tinkering in the garage. I'm handy with tools, regularly light things on fire, and prefer to be behind the scenes.

Here's my headshot:


Creeping On You
I'm willing to be your PR manager. Provided the job isn't taken yet. My resume is on my FACE