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Now is the time to buy!


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all.

Yep you heard me right. Now is the time to buy all those hard to find collectibles and comics, toys and such.

Why you might ask?
Well best way to put is all the short timers are selling off their stuff at a loss just to get rid of stuff. With market values being what they are (Down, Way down) now is the time to pick them off..

I don't by any means say go out and blow all your paychecks on collectibles..It doesn't work that way..

You have to be in it for the love of it and be willing to go the long haul till the prices go back up. It's gonna take a while..

But right now there killer deals to be had.
I would steer clear of toys for a bit (unless you know what you are doing).

Comics from the 80's are a good and safe way to go..Pluss it's worth the flashbacks just to read them again.
But before you run out and buy comics DO YOUR RESEARCH don't buy blind.
Movie and sports are doing fine just remember to get a C.O.A's with those..

Some of the best deals to be had are at the "Dirt Mall" AKA the Flea Market.

If you keep your eyes pealed you can pick off very expensive comics and sports stuff. You will spend 65 to 78% off the collectible MSRP cost.

And the best thing is that they need the cash or don't care about the value of the collectible or comics so they will let them go cheap.

I would stay away from eBay for a bit because it's getting flooded with black market rippoffs and fakes and reproductions (bad ones at that). If you buy from ebay check their feedback.

Well that's all for now..And remember :Be informed before you buy, inspect the item carefully and above all have fun with the hunt..
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Secret Agent
Staff member
Any idea how much those Spiderman comics I got a few years ago are worth now? I think I have issues #1 through #24 or so in the "Spiderman" series, not to be confused with the "Amazing Spiderman". :)


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hey Andrew! The price has gone up!
Way up.

I wouldn't sell those till Todd's 20th ann.

Is your issue #1 still in the bag that it came with and do you have the B&W issue #4 as well?

Most comics are going up slowly. Give me the numbers and years and I can give you more info..