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I am not a fan of commercials at all, everytime there's a commercial I usually change it. But I have to admit there's a few good ones out there. From the ones you posted I really like these ones:

Mikey Likes It
Mean Joe Green


Endangered Species
I watch BBC mostly so avoid adverts altogether.

Although in the last 15 years advertising has got better and there are some real gems amongst al the generic garbage been thrust into our heads.

This has to be one of the best and most influential adverts in ways of direction. Everything before it was just white teeth, bad acting and fluff whilst this was just "wow! what the hell!", whilst also being accompanied by one awesome Velvet Underground tune. If more advert were like this we would not need programs.

YouTube - Dunlop - Tested For The Unexpected

Another of my favourites, a few years later this one. What I rememeber most about this Ad is that everyone was talking about it more than the programs it accompanied. Im fairly certain it even gained column inches in the tabloids. Guiness do have some great adverts and many are deserving of a mention but this one stands out by far.

YouTube - Guinness - Surfer ( extended )


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The fewer commercials, the better. In our national channels, the commercials are grouped together to only interrupt once or twice (depending on the length of the show). In other countries, I saw how they appear more frequently and it breaks the momentum too much.

Anyway, I do think that some commercials are well done that they're worth watching (ex: Coca cola adverts).


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What I hate most about the adverts more than them being on because we cant change that, is the fact they are 3 times the volume of the show you are watching.