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Novemeber US Hardware Sales


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Game Boy Advance (includes SP, Micro) – 900,000
PlayStation 2 – 550,000
Nintendo DS – 380,000
Sony PSP – 360,000
Xbox 360 – 300,000
GameCube – 275,000
Xbox – 190,000

And this was the month that included the release of GTA for the PSP. And people said that Sony would dominate the handheld market:lol:


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Holy crap, the GBA is doing good! Course, it's not very suprising that the Xbox isn't selling, who would buy one when the 360 just came out?


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Gamecube beats Xbox? DS beats PSP? GBA beats PS2?

This is exactly what I wanted to see :D

Of course Sony aren't bothered, they would call these "false facts" and go on about how the over dramatic plane loads of PSPs are coming in all the time.

You carnt even get a DS for love or money in the UK at the moment, due to Nintendogs... PSP is in some deep Nintendog poo. Expect to see some major shifts in the PSP soon, as in a different tact.


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What I find interesting about this is that

xbox + xbox 360 = 490,000 < 550,000 = Playstation 2

My guess is that the number for Microsoft would have been higher, IF they had more 360s to sell!

Playstation 2 + PSP = 860,000 < 900,000 = GBA

I think the GBA is kicking some Sony butt.

Where did you find this info LaRazaUnida? It would be interesting to look further back on the numbers and do some analyzing.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I don't understand how PS2 continues to sell so much better than the other consoles. Doesn't everyone who wants a PS2 have one by now? Or is it just that they're all breaking so everyone has to buy replacements?


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*Raises hand*

I have a PS2 and it is broken. I do hope to buy one again soon, so I think the second reason you stated is a very good point.

As for why people are buying them in the first place, I first bought a Playstation cause a friend had one and we played that and liked the games. Then, that friend surprised us years later with a PS2 for Christmas and I guess you could say it was all my friend's fault. We probably would not have bought a system for a while if he hadn't done that. But when we finally got one, it probably would have been a PS2 cause we could still play PS1 games on it.
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