November 9th 2009 Terrorist Strike?


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Here's a weird story I uncovered from way back in 2007.

Apparently some people have been predicting something big will happen on November 9th, 2009.

Huge Fearmongering Billboards Urge Preparedness for A Terror Attack on 11/9/09

I don't know what significance this date holds, but after some research I did find it to be tied to some interesting events. None really note worthy, however, since I am not sure what to think about this in the first place.

It should be noted however that 11/9 is the opposite of 9/11, if that means anything at all.

Weird though. The weird part is that this was on a few sites back in 2007 but didn't really make it into the news. You'd think, rumor or not, that the news would use stuff like this to boost ratings.

Anyway, has anybody heard about this, and does anybody know any reason why November 9th would have any significance in any way? I'm not saying it's true but I'm curious how the Red Cross even came up with 11/9/09 two years in advance.


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Sounds like bullshit to me. I'm not finding anything on Google and it seems to be an ad for the Red Cross and nothing more. I'd imagine it's a way of saying, "Be ready for anything". I don't think there's anything important about it. Nothing apparent anyways.


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Yeah that was kind of my thought too. I do wonder why they chose that date though. Interestingly enough I've seen some other November 2009 related suspicions too but nothing I have in my history. Just stuff I've come across at random really.

It's probably nothing since there's not much pointing towards it being legitimate but I still am confused as to why they'd pick that date, or put a date at all. I mean that's a strange marketing scheme if that's all it was. It's bound to make people angry. :lol:

Halo 2 came out on November 9th I believe. Maybe I'm onto something here... :lol:
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Well if something happens in November, you cannot say you haven't been warned about it two years ago. :lol:

I'm checking events for November 2009 and there's a NASA launch at the start of the month and the 20th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, mmkay.

I guess the date was chosen by Red Cross to make people overthink its significance, like what we're doing now. Haha.
If it even is remotely true aybe its a number of people they expect to kill, 11,909 victims. I still think it's bullshit and trying to scare people but just my 2 cents.


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Shock marketing!

Without the date on it then it would be just another campaign by some charity. Put a date on it, get people curious, post a picture on the internet, have people speculating numerous web forums/blogs and all of a sudden your website hit rate goes through the ceiling.


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It's strange that they come up with that two years ago, but it has caused publicity for the cause and that can only be good right?


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9/11 Is how the Americans put the date for the eleventh of Sept, and 9/11 is how we in UK put 9th of Nov... Odd.