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Xbox 360 November 22, Where will you be?


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Where will you be on November 22? Personally, I'm going to try to pick up a few 360's by getting up early and standing in line. I might even go at midnight to some places. I have one reserved, but it's not guaranteed on the day of launch, so I am going to shoot for getting a few that day. I have some other people going to some stores to wait too just in case lines are already bad at the ones I go to.

I have it all planned out, plus, it's more exciting this way. What fun is it to walk in and say, hey I have a reservation? It's much more rewarding to have to fight for it. :D


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How many 360s are you buying?

I'll probably be right here on the 22nd, unless I magically find $400 laying around somewhere.


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You can sell all of the gaming consoles and games you've ever owned to Gamerz and get like $9 of store credit towards your new 360. :lol:

Every little bit helps.


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Just remember, no system is worth a game. It's the same way around.

I'm going to be in college until about four, then I'll either be with a a lady friend or playing video games.


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Believe it or not, I am not a humungo fan of Xbox, but will be there at walmart from 10pm-2am....Demoing and giving out coupons :p My tia asked me if I wanted to do the job and I was like yea! I get 10 bux an hour, so hell 40 dollars to walk around walmart and hand out coupons is no biggy :)


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im gettin my Xbox 360 for christmas, but since my Aunt works at Wal-mart Supercenter imma get her to put it on Layaway that day, and get it out on Christmas Eve.


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there been a change of plans...my anut gonna tell me when to come to wal-mart Supercenter, then i have to stand in line to get an Xbox 360, but who cares as long as i get one.


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Are you getting a few to sell on ebay or for Christmas presents? I'm personally not a big gamer, but a friend of mine came through the office and said - let's go to Walmart tonight and BestBuy tomorrow and buy some. They are selling on ebay for $800-$1000 per unit. We've called BB and Walmart and they plan on selling out very quickly and not getting another shipment for a while (why do game companies do this? Microsoft KNEW 360 was going to be huge.)
Anyway, I may or may not join him, I haven't decided.

Just to add: For people who are broke(like me), I just called Walmart and they will do the 360 on layaway for 10% down.