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As everyone knows Notre Dame had a horrible college season last year. They finished with a 3-9 record last season.

Now my question to you guys is this. Do you expect them to improve this season? Or there going to struggle just like they did last year?


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They have a really young team and will be improved, but I think making a lower tier bowl game is about as much as can be expected. Honestly, I think Charlie Weis is the most overrated coach in college football. How did he get a 10 year extension while Ty Willingham was fired after 3 years?


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Because they had a 9 win season and two narrow losses in 2005. That alone made Cheeseburger Charile a god over Ty, damn shame the Fiesta or Sugar bowl's didnt go their way. lol.

I say 5 wins, maybe 6 if their lucky.