not sure if this is the right place to ask!


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Not sure where to ask this, but is it true that your auction listing will get more notice if you pop in and out of ebays forums and chat boards?

Oh and an idea about a new forum! How about a "Everything else" That would be cool! :cool:


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A far as I know the popping in and out thing doesn't work. I never played attention to it until I read this..I could be wrong though.
I can tell you that by popping in and out of the chats on eBay you will definitely get more people looking at your auction. No guarantee that they buy anything, but they definitely will want to see what you're selling!


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Hi! Thanks for the answer to my ? I thought that it would, since a link to see your items is in the chat/forum for a while even after you are gone! I am glad someone else has noticed that it may help more people see your items anyway! :D