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Not sure how to react


New Member
Hello Everybody, first post :)
I cam into a situation today which I will have to react to tomorrow. First I will explain what happened:

So I was driving home from school, because I was a bit annoyed at some things in my life and had some stress to get home I was speeding a bit so I passed some cars. One of those cars was somebody from my school. I'm not sure what the general country that most people are from on this forum, but here in Australia we have three steps before you acquire a full drivers license. The first is L plates for learners. The second is P plates for provisional drivers, they are very young here, 16 in most cases, and are easily annoyed and immature on the road. The third is P2s, which is my current license, where some aspects of the rules change, such as that I do not have to display O plates anymore. The other students was on his P1s. So this particular fellow student, I don't know him in person, we just go to the same school, took it offensive that I passed him, I think that was because he knows me from sight and somehow me driving past him was making me a better driver so he had to overtake me again. I admit that I somewhat saw it as a game and sped up a little so that he would be stuck behind some other car. For some reason he accelerated so hard that he had to lock up his tires to not crash into that car. This must have annoyed him a lot.
So from then on he followed me, at one stage he passed me and slowed to about 40 in the sixty zone but I knew that he would b aggressive so I did defensive driving , didn't try to overtake and didn't tailgate. So he let me go past at one stage and after that proceeded to follow me, tailgating with high beams on for about 20 kilometers, as my journey home is about 40 kilometers. I ended up loosing him when he overtook me and I quickly pulled into a street and went an alternative way home.

I would just like to know what an appropriate response from me would be, if he chooses to confront me tomorrow, that won't make me look like an idiot or an immature bastard/derp.

One important things to remember: I never endangered anybody with my driving whilst he was around, even though I may have been speeding a little bit.

I would like to thank anybody that takes their time reading what I have written and helping me out with my question :)


Registered Member
Not sure what to do here - the best bet might be to apologize for goading him, and admit you shouldn't have sped.

Doing that might preempt him. There's not much point in telling someone off for what they did if they already admit to it and apologize.


Problematic Shitlord
If he's enough of a dipshit to get offended by you passing him based on a driver ranking then he deserves to be made a fool. It's his own damn fault.


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And today he has threatened to break my nose and told me that he thinks that I should go back to my own country (Germany in my case I guess...)


Lion Rampant
Hopefully, it's more or less out of his system now. He knows, like everyone else does, that if he carries it on too long it could come back to bite him. Just in case, though, here's a generic martial arts tip for potentially violent confrontations: speak in calm tones and avoid criticism, maintain eye contact, and be ready without adopting an aggressive pose to block a split-second swing at your face or neck. The kung fu 'horse stance' and the 'thoughtful position' of judo are two good examples that you could look up.
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Thank you all for helping me through this situation, it made it a lot easier. I find it a little sad that there is people like him, but what can you do about it? Anyway, I think it will be fine...