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Not sayin' nuthin'!!!


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graven said:
very cool! i love it ! I just came back from halloween horror nights and you would fit in perfectly over there! have you ever been?

Universal's? I worked that one year........


Wanna play?
We went to Disney in November last year....so maybe I missed it? I'd hate to think it was still going on when we were down there.:(
We did go to a haunted house in I-Drive that's open all year...it was...ummm...okay I guess.


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Nah....anything on I drive sucks :lol: At least northern I-drive. Graven I lived in Kissimmee in the mid 90's and worked for Universal in their travel company. For our Christmas party we were the testers for the new parking ramp.....well, it was new then :) Shortly before IOA opened. I had quit by the time that opened and we were back here in the frozen north. During HHN I was able to play in the parks a few evenings. Nothing real fun.....mostly customer service stuff but I did get to dress up :nod: And we all got a t-shirt :) (Surprise! I didn't work for Disney :D )

Angel nope....by Nov it's all over so nothing happening when you were there. It is pretty intense!

BTW did I mention we leave for FL in 12 days? Minus one little kid?
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Mr_Snipes said:
Yikes. Those look pretty good. I know I wouldn't want one, but they do look pretty scary.
:D they'd love to play with you :lol: they come to life after mid-night right before the witching hour:nod:


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Oh now those are cool...I like them ..The last one is awesome!!!!!!!!
That one would fit right in in my collection of horror stuff and movie props..
I wish I had the extra cash to pick that one up..Thanks fore shareing.....


~Bus Driver's Pet~
I LOVE ALL unusual dolls...what do you think Night one more for my managrie?
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