Not Jealous Enough?!


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Okay i have heard how annoying it is if people get over jealous, but i was just talking to my girlfriend and she was telling me how she went to a coffee shop with some kid and he was hitting on her, and then she said that it wasn't normal that i didn't care and she seems kinda like she is willing to end a relationship over this. Luckily she had to go and it gives me sometime to try to figure this out and maybe get some advice :) ...yea?

What do you think?

What would you do?


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Sounds like she's equating you not being jealous to you not caring enough about her to be jealous. Sounds pretty immature. A more experience woman (or man) would know that it's actually a good thing when your boyfriend/girlfriend isn't jealous. It means that they trust you. If a girl was hitting on a boyfriend of mine, I would just think it's flattering and that I get to go home with him. I mean, unless he's flirting back. Which it doesn't sound like she did.

Basically, this just seems immature of her. Maybe you can explain to her that you weren't jealous cause you trust her.


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Ahh nice. I definitely will do that. That is like the perfect answer and i dont know why i didnt think of that because that is exactly why i didnt mind.


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If the guy was hitting on her despite the fact that he knew she was in a relationship with you, I think it'd be fine to be somewhat upset, because the guy's being disrespectful towards you and your relationship. I wouldn't call that jealousy on your part (and at least from what you said, your gf didn't say the word 'jealous' either). Or if the guy was hitting on her in an inappropriate manner, being upset on her behalf seems legit.

On the other hand, if he had no way of knowing she's your gf, and wasn't rude or anything, then I don't see a problem with it, and it's like NINnerd said.


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Maybe it's not jealousy she's looking from you, but a protective bf, so to speak, on the lines of what Wade said.


you probably didn't get jealous because you knew he was just a kid ... and you just didn't care much about that. you know an immature guy won't make your gf fall in love with him. and you could tell her this.


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I love jealous girls.

It depends on the person really, some like fire and passion, others like a dead calm.

Its not lack of trust, its part of the game, within the boundaries.

As for your case in specifically you can see that as a case of insecurity from her part, and like her most of people who are in a relationship can feel that way so if you care about her you should at least move your ass a bit from what i can see she likes protective strong man, if you cant at least act like one... maybe you'll get there once she dumps you.


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She did ask why i didnt get jealous, and she did tell him she was "not on the market"

Thanks for all the advice everone :nod: it was very helpful