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Not invited to church friends wedding


New Member
I am so upset, this friend from church is having a wedding and
they have deleted me from Facebook and they only way I found out she was engaged was by a mutual friend. So I am pretty sure I wont be invited to the wedding even though this is someone I have known for years from church. And I just want to know why I wasn’t invited, and I suspect it may be because of a falling out I had with her sister where she yelled at me for wanting to crash this other mutual friends wedding a few years ago. Would it be rude to just ask why I wasn’t invited and make sure it wasn’t because of this and she hates me? When she deleted me and I asked why ( this was after the thing with the wedding happened) she said everything was fine and she was only keeping people she talks to regularly. I just want to make sure I wasn’t not invited because of her sister being upset about me wanting to crash this other person s wedding. Her sister and the former bride are trying to ruin my life and turn everyone I know against me and make sure everyone I know knows about how i wanted to crash that wedding years ago.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I don't know why they would hold a incident that happened years ago against you. I would ask what the problem is. However if they are trying to ruin your life why would you want to be around them.

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Drop toxic friends; they're not worth your time. Work on yourself, get yourself emotionally healthy, and you will then attract supportive riends and develop nurturing relationships.


I agree with Steg, if people are deleting you off facebook and not saying why and acting sneaky then it isn't worth trying to remain friends with them.