Not Another Mystery Check.?!


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true, but with all the "security" things banks do now, dont you think it will be some time before it can actually be cashed. I dont know, I just see it ab being more problematic in the long run
WELL, we are back for the third and last time. We are the first mystery check and to answer your question, it will be a copy of the check and a money order. That just makes things easy. Good luck to all you mystery auctions, you will need it because ebay pulls them for anything and everything. Have a great day.


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Hey Yesuh huhdj, so you are the first mystery check? Nice. Looks like you started a good thing. :)

When you say copy, can the check be cashed??
It will be a copy of the check and a real cashiers check in the amout of the check made out to the winner, so that they will have no problem cashing it.
I was shut down twice, once for using the words college fund and the second time for NOTHING and all i go was "sorry". NICE hu, i was number one on ebay for the most watched item and was over $3,000, this time it is going alot slower.