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Not another introduction thread!


New Member
Hey guys!

I left the forum scene three years ago to pursue a real life... and failed.

So, last week I started up my internet life at a gaming forum, and it wasn't really appealing to me. I thought about it, and said "Hey! Wouldn't it be a good idea to make a forum everyone can relate to? I bet that's been done already though..." so I googled it. The end.

Semi-original username, I hope. I am a total square. It's sooooooo me.

Quick! Ten facts about me!
I'm Canadian, and proud of it.
I play Tennis regularly. I love it, but my style in unorthodox, as I taught myself.
I'm 16. I'm jobless, and I haven't gotten my drivers license yet. Life is just too hectic!
I play Drums. I get praises for being really good even though I've only played a year, but I can't keep a band together.
My favorite video game console is the Gamecube for it's great titles!
My favorite movie is Fight Club. Forget rule 1 and 2. It has to be shared.
My favorite band is Incubus. And, my favorite songs by them are Just a Phase, Look Alive and Make Yourself.
I'm also involved in skiing, track and field, and student council.
As of this moment, I want to become a Psychologist.
I will probably be in the advice thread most of the time. Giving and receiving.

Thanks for having me, and ask me any questions!


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Hello fellow Canadian, where abouts in Canada are you from if you don't mind me asking?

Hopefully you explore more then just the Advice Board, we have great discussions everywhere on the forums(well, almost everywhere.)


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Welcome, Square!

Incubus is my 2nd favorite artist in the world, maybe tied with The Roots. 1st is always 311. :)

We'll be glad to give advice, and it's always good to have another gamer on the scene!

Also, I'm a fan of psychology too...I'm in social work (going for my masters right now), but got a psychology minor with my BSW. Started off as a psych major.


New Member
Amherst, Nova Scotia. It's got less than 10k people. Just a little place. :p

And, yeah. I'm sure I'll be all over this place. But, I love giving advice. I want to be a psychologist, after all.

And, I've kind of been keeping away from games lately. I sold a lot of my games at a pawn shop and got a drum kit there. I still play every once in a while though. Like today, I was playing Planet Puzzle League and Etrian Odyssey on NDS. Both are great titles.


Good introduction but stick around or else you'll be forgotten and you'll need to introduce yourself all over.


New Member
That's good advice. I'll try to come here frequently, even though it may not always be easy.


Sally Twit
Incubus <3
I love them. I saw them live a few years ago and they were fantastic. Brandon Boyd is amazing. He has the best voice ever.

Welcome to GF!


Registered Member
Welcome to GF! :D The band thing sounds really cool. Wish i could learn to play something but too bizzed with homework and videogames, especially Zelda Twilight Princess, awesome! :nod: Nova Scotia sounds awesome 2! Great place for seafood pizzas!


I'm serious
I'm Canadian, and proud of it.
Aww, another delusional member. :rolleyes:

You seem like a cool new addition though, so I hope you stick around. Welcome to GF.

P.S. I love all Canadians, except Babe-Ruth, but I am not sure he is even human... *shrugs*